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29 July 2010 @ 09:03 pm
Captain Kosher BIG BROTHERRR  

I already miss him but love him for causing the drama he stirred up with his final plea speech.
I dislike Kristen since she's cheating on her boyfriend and is bland and was a terrible friend to Andrew.
She got what she deserved >:]
I like Hayden though, he'll be much better without her anyways.
I have to give my props to Brenchel. Brendon won 2 POVs and Rachel has now won 2 HOHs.
Cannot remember what Pandora's Box was but awesome.
O: Another Sabo? Hmm, who would take the offer?
This episode excited me because up until now, they were too boring to write about.
And I'm really just writing this for myself since I don't know if any of you watch Big Brother.

And I'm sorry for being lame on LJ lately. :(

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